New England Canoe Polo

Who Are We?

New England Canoe Polo was founded as as non-profit organization to promote kayaking and in particular Canoe/Kayak Polo in New England.

Membership is open to male and female paddlers of any ability. Our members range in ability from total beginners in kayaking and polo to members of the US National teams.

We aim to compete with the top clubs in the US by promoting the sport, building the skills of our players both individually and as members of a team, and encouraging the participation of new players.

So, What is Kayak Polo?

There are two teams with 5 players each on a court at once. The idea of the game is to outscore your opponent as in soccer or basketball. Strategies such as zone defense, full court press, and fast break are typical in kayak polo.

Paddlers move the ball by throwing it, dribbling it, passing it to a team member, or shooting it at the opposing team’s goal.

When a player is in possession of the ball, an opposing player may hand tackle him or her with a hand push on the upper body or kayak tackle their boat to upset balance. The object is to force the player in possession to lose control of the ball. The opposing player can also choose to block passes and shots with a paddle, as the ball is being passed or shot.

Contact to join the New England club or start a club in your area.

Join Us!

We welcome players of all skill levels. No previous paddling experience is required. If you’re new to kayak polo, see our new player information.

If you’re an experienced player, drop us an email at

See Where & When for more information on practice times and locations. Our FAQs are also useful for new and prospective members.


New Player Night, January 2018