New England Canoe Polo


Club Info & Contacts

NECP New Player Page
Our club information for new players.

NECP Quick Start to Kayak Polo
Our own club quick start guide to kayak polo, targeted towards new players. PDF format, 360K.

Boston Kayak Polo Google Group
This discussion group is NECP’s chief vehicle for planning, announcements, decision-making and general club communication. All club members should join.

Boston Kayak Polo Yahoo Group
This is our old discussion group. We no longer use it for active discussion, but it has years of searchable discussion archives.

Boston Kayak Polo Facebook Group
You can also friend “Boston Kayak Polo” on Facebook and/or follow the Boston Kayak Polo Facebook group.

USA Canoe Polo Quick Start to Kayak Polo
This is a quick introduction to polo, focusing mostly on equipment and technical details.


International Canoe Federation (ICF) Rules
These are the official international canoe polo rules that govern national and international play, in PDF format.

USA Canoe Kayak (USACK)
USACK is the governing body for Polo in the USA.

ICF Canoe Polo
The International Canoe Federation (ICF) is the governing body for canoesport worldwide. The Canoe Polo Committee Web Site contains current international rules for the sport, and an international event calendar. maintains public forums on a variety of aspects of the sport.

Other teams

New York Kayak Polo
Kayak polo in New York City, NY.

Pointe Claire Canoe Polo Team
Kayak polo in Montreal, Canada.

Carolina Kayak Polo
Kayak polo in Charlotte, NC.

Austin Aquabats
Kayak polo in Austin, TX.

Bay Area Kayak Polo
Kayak polo in San Francisco, CA.

Portland Kayak Polo
Kayak polo club in Portland, OR run by former NECP players. They also have a Facebook group.

Edmonton Whitewater Paddlers
EWP in Alberta, Canada has an extremely active kayak polo club.

Kayak Polo Gear & Equipment

No Horses Needed
Finally, a US distributor of polo equipment! Chris Smith from the North Carolina club runs the site. He carries a whole range of equipment, including Revenge, Nomad, and Vampire kayaks.

Obeco boats
Based in Canada, Obeco makes a range of boats very popular in the US, including the Condor and Super Condor. Several of their boats are especially well suited to large or tall players. They are also a North American source for several other lines of kayaks.

Kayaks Plus
Kayaks Plus in Australia makes the popular Vampire line of kayaks. They also sell books and a variety of other gear.

Revenge Polo Kayaks
Revenge makes a line of composite boats, plus a plastic boat that works well as a club boat, particularly for larger paddlers.

Fluid Vuvubat
The Vuvubat is an affordable plastic polo boat, very popular as a club boat.

Eskimo Gecko Polo Kayak
The plastic Gecko is popular as a club fleet boat, although it’s currently somewhat difficult to find a “official” Web site for them. Interesting article comparing the Gecko and Vuvubat.

Peak UK
Peak UK makes the most popular polo PFDs in the US. They also sell a variety of other equipment, including helmets, rashguards, and spraydecks. You can buy online directly from their factory story at

Clyde’s polo kit
Clyde makes the popular Mega line of polo boats, including the Evolution, Xcel and Mystere. The smaller Mega boats are especially popular with women and smaller paddlers.

Braca Polo Paddles

Q-Dos paddles

Double Dutch Paddles